Canux Corporation delivers success.

Canux Corporation was founded in 2003 by Stephen Cockwell, an experienced, innovative leader in business transformation, with a passion for finding the right people, methods, and solutions that enable his customers with successful growth strategies. With decades of experience in enhancing businesses and maximizing success potential, Canux Corporation is composed of a team of industry veterans to help your business get things done, and done well.  Canux Corporation employees use their vast experiences and proven successful methods to get results for our customers.

Canux transforms businesses into a more effective, productive, and successful version of themselves by evaluating the current abilities and future performance expectations. Beginning with a conversation or a corporate capability analysis to define what a business does at its core, Canux works with executive management to align corporate goals with strategic initiatives to ensure the business will achieve its maximum potential through its available capabilities. Often, the road to transforming business can take different methods, all of which can be addressed through Canux's service offerings: business unit management, succession planning, corporate standard development, process optimization, and new product or service development. Company projects benefit from Canux's agile approach to project management.

Canux Corporation customizes solutions to our clients' needs. We can help you improve your corporate capability, productivity, and overall success.

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