Is your business prepared to keep up with the changing business environment?


A capability analysis is designed to help a company that is struggling to optimize their internal processes in order to scale or be more competitive.  Organizations naturally become “siloed” over time as business managers naturally prioritize the needs of their teams over the more holistic and strategic needs of the entire company.  This manifests itself in a less efficient organization that struggles with new initiatives and growth.

This service identifies the existing capabilities and functionalities for the relevant organizational areas through a review of the interactions and engagement points of the different (cross-functional) groups.  Contrasting the current state with industry Best Practices, a strategic plan is created to improve the business’ capability and maturity.


Services Delivered

  • Current State analysis of existing business activities
  • Systems review of interaction points of the business
  • Gap analysis; identification of improvement opportunities
  • Roadmap development and recommendations for business improvement
  • Return on Investment report development


Value Proposition

  • Understanding current capabilities and limitations contributes to long-term planning efforts to improve the business.
  • Understanding the value of and implementing industry best practices increases overall efficiency and reduces employee frustration.
  • Waste between departments and through processes is identified and a strategy developed to eliminate it.  Employing the motto “As simple as possible, but not simpler” in conjunction with an understanding of the performance expectations established by the company’s executives results in a positive ROI and increased ability to scale.
  • Providing a future state mapping strategy enables the ability to measure the success of corporate and departmental improvement efforts.


Service Operation

  • Conduct interviews with stakeholder, business owners and subject matter experts to determine current state of business activity—tools and methods
  • Research current industry best practices
  • Identify functionality gaps
  • Development of a “suitability to task” roadmap that highlights current capability, future capability, and the steps required to make the transition
  • Development of a ROI report outlining the business value and costs associated with the changes