"Software development is technical activity conducted by human beings." 

- Niklaus Wirth


Business requirements for new products and services, particularly when those new products involve branching into areas not traditionally serviced by the company, can pose a risk to the organization.  This service takes the overall business requirements for the initiative, creates a proposal and roadmap, and can potentially work the process through to successful deployment.

Product development can be complex and involve many areas of the organization, external entities such as suppliers or third-party developers, and require the creation of new organizational units.  This service mitigates the risk of a complex undertaking by bringing in management talent with a long history of product development, and provides a good view up-front of the costs and efforts involved.


Services Delivered

  • Product or Service description
  • Product proposal including costs, timelines, and potential ROI


  • Product design document and development methodology
  • Training and documentation for sales, marketing, and operational support
  • Staff augmentation for gaps in capability or recruiting services


Value Proposition

Utilizing experienced management consultants with a history of successful new product and service deployments greatly increases speed to market, lowers development costs, provides visibility into the effort required, and greatly reduces the risk to the business of an unsuccessful product or endlessly extending development timelines.


Service Operation

  • Creation of a product description based on requirements from business executives
  • Analysis of corporate capability in terms of resources and services
  • Development of a product proposal including resources, timelines and process requirements
  • Recruiting of resources and/or negotiation of third party services
  • Development of waterfall or agile development methodology as required
  • Regular reporting of status to business owners
  • Consultation with existing company units such as marketing, sales and support
  • Deployment and handover