Your business processes are preventing you from reaching your corporate objectives.


Business processes tend to become more manual and less automated over time as new capability and requirements are added.  Business unit owners and their teams do not typically have the cycles necessary to examine and refine them as they are being pressured to and are expending their efforts on execution.

This service examines a process or set of processes against the business requirements and performance expectations of the organization and creates a future state process map as well as a roadmap for execution and a plan for a system of continuous process improvement once the future state is achieved.

Services Delivered

  • Current state process mapping
  • FMEA process to identify and rate risks
  • Future state process development
  • Process rearchitecture roadmap and strategic plan
  • Engagement process and/or RACI mappings
  • Continuous process improvement strategy

Value Proposition

Business processes can be thought of a organizational resources, just like people.  There is a direct correlation between the efficiency of the personnel in your organization and the processes they use to do their work.

Having a management consultant examine your business processes objectively allows you to align those processes with your expectations in terms of business requirements and performance objectives.  In many cases identifying just a few key processes can have a dramatic effect on your organizations overall efficiency (Pareto Principle).

Service Operation

  • Interviews with process owners, users, and subject matter experts
  • Evaluation of any existing process and procedure documentation
  • Design and development of future state process mappings based on business requirements
  • Process FMEA or Process design sessions to validate future state efficacy
  • New process adoption plan with timelines and clear expectations
  • Iterative implementation of new process units with measured performance improvements
  • Development of continuous process improvement strategy and training thereof